Friday, July 6, 2012

Seattle: in June.

For those Chica's who are from the great northwest; will all remember how crappy Seattle can be on June. Summer doesn't start TIL July;)
Katie and I packed up our 2 crazy boys ( 15 months and 8 months) and headed out on the open road. Insane? Yes.

Actually, the monsters did great;)

My work paid for me to go, so I could teach some classes on essential oils. I dragged KATIE along for the company and the free babysitter for when I taught. I love my sister. We had WAY too much fun:) here is a quick photo recap of our adventures, 9 days away from our lovers

We stated with Kim and her family, and ate like queens;) saw Sabrina and her family and played with little Matt's family at the park. Went to lunch with Kim and Lori to lunchbox laboratory.... It was the best burger I have ever eaten, spent WAY TO MUCH money at trader joes (coming to Utah this FALL!!!) went to pile place with the Lawtons;) watched my little boy and Sabrina's little girl fall madly in love! WE WILL BE RELATED. Drove a lot. Stayed with my wonderful inlaws;)
And missed our honeys like mad:(
Sad to leave. Glad to be home. Love my sister;)


Sabs said...

wow i'm not sure i'm diggn the wrinkles on my face or the chubbs on my bod, but I sure miss you!!!!

tealfreesia said...

I love Seattle. I've always wanted to go there. You have a beautiful family.

Breezie said...

How cute!!! So glad you two got to go have fun!!!

Carly said...

and you never blog no more. give me something woman.