Friday, July 6, 2012

Seattle: in June.

For those Chica's who are from the great northwest; will all remember how crappy Seattle can be on June. Summer doesn't start TIL July;)
Katie and I packed up our 2 crazy boys ( 15 months and 8 months) and headed out on the open road. Insane? Yes.

Actually, the monsters did great;)

My work paid for me to go, so I could teach some classes on essential oils. I dragged KATIE along for the company and the free babysitter for when I taught. I love my sister. We had WAY too much fun:) here is a quick photo recap of our adventures, 9 days away from our lovers

We stated with Kim and her family, and ate like queens;) saw Sabrina and her family and played with little Matt's family at the park. Went to lunch with Kim and Lori to lunchbox laboratory.... It was the best burger I have ever eaten, spent WAY TO MUCH money at trader joes (coming to Utah this FALL!!!) went to pile place with the Lawtons;) watched my little boy and Sabrina's little girl fall madly in love! WE WILL BE RELATED. Drove a lot. Stayed with my wonderful inlaws;)
And missed our honeys like mad:(
Sad to leave. Glad to be home. Love my sister;)

Thursday, May 31, 2012


Spaghetti is better... When you are naked. Apparently. I wouldn't know. Dylan seems to think so.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial day 2012

Tonight we spent the evening with Brian's older sister and her family. We roasted dogs and ate super yummy s'mores. Dylan absolutely LOVED the watermelon:) brians niece Shaustia is an amazing artist, I seriously think she'll be famous one day;) she painted everyone's faces tonight... Isn't my butterfly amazing???? We had a wonderful time and our bellies are still full!! Thanks Isaacson's!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

A new way of living...Essential Oils.

Remember back in February, when my sweet Dylan had an allergic reaction to some meds and ended up looking like a scary morphed version of the michelin man? Since that day, we have changed a few things around our house...
Before I start. This is not a sales pitch:) I have just had quite a few people interested about our changes, and wanting to learn more.
The night that Dylan got a yeast infection, (from all the drugs) my moms friend came over and offered some essential oils to help make Dylan feel better. I was desperate and wanting to do ANYTHING I could to not make a 5th Doctors visit in two weeks. Honestly, I had never used oils...and I was a little skeptical, but open to the option. That same night, I received an invitation from my high school friend Emily (Salmon) Kinghorn inviting me to an essential oils class that Thursday. After seeing how quickly my mom's friends oils worked on Dylan...I was interested. HOWEVER, I didn't want to go to the class and be pressured into buying anything. I just wanted info. On Thursday, I honestly got half way to her house, and started to turn around, when something inside told me just to go. SO GLAD I DID. The class was very interesting, and they were not pushy, AT ALL. I won one of the 'giveaways' that was a vial of "Lemon". I feel in love.

We have been using DoTERRA's essential oils at our house now, for three months. We cook, clean and use them on our bodies. I am so grateful for the gentle nudging of my sweet husband in perusing this opportunity. I have learned so much, and love having a little bit of "control" over our health. I love that the oils are safe for use on Dylan and also for SOMEDAY when I get pregnant again. (SOMEDAY, not an announcement!)

I have been to some trainings and classes on how to use the oils medically and for everyday use. I am so impressed. LET ME ALSO ADD....I still believe in Doctors. I will still go to and take my family to the Doctor often. I just like that I have a way to help a sore throat, or head ache, without taking Medicine. Brian and I's "unwritten" rule has been, "try oils first" if that doesn't work, bring on the drugs. However, if there is a true emergency...I am all about the drugs:) If I get a kidney stone...I will be taking Loratab, THEN oils. :) I am just saying, for the everyday, non emergency, general healthcare...I am loving the oils.

I am currently teaching classes on Oil Basics and How to incorporate them into cooking and cleaning. The classes are very fun, hands on and always include a yummy snack or 2 or 10:) There is no pressure to buy....and there is no incentive if people buy at your your friends and family don't feel like they need to buy, just for you. HOWEVER, YOU get a thank you, from Me for hosting. I am just trying to get more experience, and get my name out there. All I ask, is that you have at least 5 people there. I bring a "thank you" gift for all your no one walks away empty handed.
My hostess gift for May and June is a trio pack with Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint. (All my favs)

For my out of town friends; I have purchased some samples and would love to send you some if you are interested:) I realize that a class might be hard at first...however, at least you can try them for yourself and see what works!!

I am also willing to teach out of state:) I am really wanting to hold a class in Idaho someday, and I have been watching for cheap flights to Seattle as well...(Houston and San Diego too....Hmmm wonder why:)

My top five FAVORITE oils right now are...
Please note: These oils are safe for consumption...not all essential oils are. Be careful. Lots will say, 100% pure...but full of fillers. Many out there are not safe to digest...MOST of DoTERRAs are.

1. LEMON I love to clean with this! I mix it with water and clean, everything. I have really loved using this in my dishwasher to get my dishes extra clean. I also like to add it to ice water in the mornings...for extra lovin for my kidneys.

2. Peppermint: Fabulous for headaches. Just don't get it too close to your eyes:) If you do, just use coconut oil (even olive oil works in an emergency)...NOT WATER! it drives it in deeper! I also have used peppermint on Dylan when he has had a fever. Works really fast:) I had a chocolate peppermint truffle the other day that my girlfriend had made using Peppermint. FAB! Also great for stomach aches. IF you are prego...lets talk. There needs to be a little caution:)

3. Lavender: I use this in Dylans room, mixed with water as a "sleeping spray". I spray it on his sheets before is wonderful. I also loved it on my nasty sunburn last week. Great for bee stings and other "owies" for kids. Totally safe for babies, pregnant ladies and nursing mamas.

4. On Guard: Immune Support Blend. I put this on Dylans feet at night to fight off germs. I also clean my bathroom with it! Great to diffuse in the air when someone is sick. We even used it to kill mold by our shower. ewe. My mom used it to help her sore throat, and rubbed it on her feet and neck when she was sick.

5. Breathe: COULD NOT LIVE WITHOUT THIS ONE. Brian is even addicted. Maybe because he has to be. I make him use this at night to open his "airways" to help with snoring. Hehehehe, totally selfish of me, but I sleep like a lamb:) My Mom and sister Katie have been using it lately too...for colds and coughs. Safe when prego, safe on babes and safe for nursing. TOTALLY effective.

I also love to cook with Lime and Wild Orange. Wild Orange in smoothies...will rock your world! IF you are interested, or have some ?'s, give me a call or email.

I do have a website....(so official....)
Pretty much, I am a big deal:)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Night at the park

The weather this weekend has been fabulous!!! Last night we had a impromptu picnic dinner at the alpine park. Dylan had a blast on the teeter todder. ( so did we, we could actually fit!)
Hooray for "summer"

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

13 1/2 months

My little Dyl bugs is getting so big and growing so much! Since this is our "journal"...

Dylan loves:
Tomatoes, peas, cucumber and all fruit except bananas.
Not a fan of sweets or starches. Will eat breads if he is desperate, but prefers fruits and veggies. ( who is this kid???) oh yes, and cheese:)
Loves to read books! Everyday he spends about 30-40 minutes of " alone" time and reads books in his crib. He loves his animal books especially right now.
He has been walking for 3 weeks now... And still cracks us up at how. He looks like a drunken sailor:)
He can say "dada" "hi" "mo" for more and I am pretty sure he is trying to say "bumpa" for my dad.
He signs "more" "milk" "bye" and has been kinda signing "book".
He blows kisses to everyone... And isn't quiet about it:)
When he hears music... His little bun gets bouncing... And he dances. I LOVE IT!
Still is obsessed with his binki, and most nights, sleeps like a champ. I love this kid... He makes me laugh everyday and I am so lucky to be his mama!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dylan's 1 year Pictures!

For Dylan's Birthday, he was given a gift certificate to Camera Shy for a photo session:) He did SOOOO good!!

 He was SOOO unsure about this little creature:) The bunny was soo sweet! Happy Easter Little man:)

 LOVE this smerk! He is so funny!! and has so much personality right now!
 IN LOVE with this shot! LOVE the yellow!

Nothing like a free photo sesh! Thanks Camera Shy and thanks family for the gift:)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Dylan!

 Some may think this was a little "over the top", however; how often do you have your FIRST birthday?? We had a "Very Hungry Caterpillar" party for Dylan this past saturday. I have been planning this for MONTHS! We had all the food the caterpillar ate, pinata, cake eating/smashing and lots of wonderful family come into town.
 I Love this canvas we made using Dylans was tricky, but I LOVE the end result:)
 Here are all my little caterpillars....carefully glued each of them together:)
 Found these food labels from :) LOVE THEM. Made our own cupcakes toppers.
 The delicious spread!
 Jaydon and Levi....cousins:) (Landon and Katies kids)
 He wasn't so sure about the pinata....everyone else loved it:) (Notice his shirt...I made that!!! I am in LOVE with fabric markers:)

 Yummm.....he loved the frosting:)

 I am in LOVE with those baby blues:)
 Bath time:) Look at those little teeth!!!
 At the beginning of the party, Brian read the everyone understood the idea of the party:)
Happy Birthday little man. I am so lucky to be your mama!!!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Goodbye Grandpa Davis

(Picture taken 2008)
 On Monday afternoon, my Grandpa Davis passed away. On Sunday, my whole family took a trip to Wyoming to see him; possibly thinking that it would be the last time. I am SO glad that we took the trip. A few weeks ago, he was in SLC in the hospital and I was able to visit him 3 times. He was down to about 95lbs, but still had his sense of humor. When we saw him on Sunday, he was totally different. We knew his time would be short, but we didn't realize how short it was. He had stage 4 lung cancer and possibly stomach or abdomin cancer as well. He will be missed.
(Picture taken 2007)

(Picture taken 2009)
We are headed up to Wyoming on Friday for his funeral.
I love you, Grandpa.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dylan's first trip to the ER

Wow. Who knew that an innocent double ear infection could destroy a poor little boys body so bad!!! Poor little bug has had a rough week. Last Monday he had a double ear infection so he went to amoxicillin. A week later I was taking him back because he kept pulling on his ears... So bad that they bled. Right before our appt I noticed that he had spots on his leg... Within 30 minutes he had full blown hives.
Monday night his ear was all swollen and he was covered on his bum and belly. By Tuesday morning his eyes were almost swollen shut. Throughout the day he got worse and worse... The benadryl wasn't doing a thing!!! At 10pm on Tuesday night I called my mom over because his spots and hives had purple and gray spots, he had a fever and was miserable. We decided to take him in to the ER. Poor guy was miserable. I am SO glad we took him!! They started him on some steroids and he is MUCH better. Less puffy and red, but really cranky!!! And kinda mean today; he hates all his meds and hates me for giving to him. Oh well.. It must be done:( enjoy the pics of my leper baby